TRANSITIONS exhibition includes garment, textile, film and sculptural works. The garment is conceived as a perpetually shifting object, continually transforming. Developing further collaborative processes explored during the CONSTRUCTIONS exhibition, the works for TRANSITIONS explore 3D structures and movement, by incorporating the moving image.

Within the exhibition garments are presented both in static display and on the body, through the film work. The film work is presented as a twin projection, enabling transformation of forms as the figure moves to the projected crossing, almost appearing to walk through another door. The sculptures were made by manipulating the shapes of the garment patterns, using 3D software, and transformed further through choice of materials.
Overall Concept and Development: Make.Shift Concepts (Donna Sgro, Armando Chant, Olivier Solente)
Sculptures: Olivier Solente
Garments: Donna Sgro
Textiles: Armando Chant
Film: Andrew Kaineder in collaboration with ABSORB
Model: Kelsey Gerry @ Priscillas Model Management
Makeup: Chereine Waddell
L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, March 2013.