Donna Sgro is a fashion and textiles design practitioner, who teaches in the interdisciplinary design program at UTS. Her research investigates the interrelationship between design and making in fashion design practice, with a particular focus on creative cutting and tacit knowledge. Her research involves considering relationships between research for design and research through design; practices which involve complex interactions using generative creative thinking and making. Donna has developed a particular approach to research in this area of practice, through her metaphorical study of butterfly metamorphosis.

Donna's fashion and textile works have been exhibited around the world, including Australia, USA, Japan, France, UK and South-east Asia. Her work is most well recognized for the Morphotex Dress, a world-first in biomimicry for structural textile colour. Donna continues to underpin her research for design through investigations of the natural world, and specifically insects, as a way to expand creativity in fashion and textiles design, through creative cutting.

Donna has presented her research in various forums, including creative practice research conferences such as the RMIT Practice Research Symposium, ADAPTr Creative Practice Symposium, and through CUMULUS: International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media. She is currently completing her PhD at RMIT University, and frequently exhibits new works. Most recently her work was acquired by the Taiwan National Science Education Centre for a biomimicry exhibition which will tour South-east Asia until 2023.